Beating heart of the machine.

POWER is the AS unit specialised in the sale of industrial engines, engines for vehicle applications, for electrogen groups and fire sprinkler systems.

Technology and customisation represent the heart of this unit: AS offers a wide range of products carrying the FPT Industrial brand (development of the brand IVECO AIFO – 1965, later changed into  IVECO MOTORS – 2004) and VM Motori, guarantee of high performance, maximum safety and low environmental impact.

The electrogen groups engines ensure continuity of energy supply and low noise and vibration levels; engines for vehicle and industrial applications are characterised by a wide range of typologies and all have in common innovative architectures and sophisticated injection systems.



The reliability and power of an unrivaled brand.

AS Labruna is the official distributor of FPT Industrial (development of the brand IVECO AIFO – 1965, later changed into IVECO MOTORS – 2004), a company specialised in the design, production and sale of engines for on-road, off-road and power generation applications.

The types of engines F1, NEF and CURSOR belong to the on-road sector, with a power range between 97 to 560 HP; the types of engines F5, NEF, CURSOR and VECTOR for the off-road sector with a power range between 32 and 770 KW; whilst the electrogen groups engines include the ranges 8000, F5, NEF and CURSOR, with a power range between 31 and 601 kW.

Thanks to its wide range of innovative and highly technological products, FPT Industrial provides high power standards and represents the highest expression of reliability.

AS Electrogen Groups

Diesel Generator, energy arrives everywhere.

AS makes safe and high performance Electrogen Groups, which are easy to maintain.  Made with galvanised sheet metal hoods, the groups were designed for a residual noise level of 68 [dbA] ± 3 [dbA] at 7 [m].  The cooling of the engine is aided by fixed circuit air outlets directed downwards, thanks to the suction grilles conceived with dissipative panels which keep noises inside.  The expulsion grilles allow noise reduction and a correct dissipation of hot air.

The groups’ insulating materials is fire resistant and class 1 self-extinguishing, wear-resistant and washable. The base of the hood has a supporting structure made up of strong side rails, support beams and a liquid collection tray. A residential type silencer is installed inside the hood.  The maintenance operations are facilitated by removable panels and large doors.