Innovation is in command.

MARINE is the unit of the nautical sector: AS Labruna designs, makes and merchandises marine diesel engines with highly competitive performances, high specific powers at low revolutions and low noise and vibration levels.

Besides being the official distributor of the brand FPT Industrial (development of the brand IVECO AIFO – 1965, later changed into IVECO MOTORS – 2004), FNM Marine and VM Motori, AS Labruna produces its own line:  the range H, characterised by strong and reliable engines with reduced consumptions.

The whole range of products stands out for its high power performance, the long intervals of maintenance and high functionality out at sea, also in unfavourable sailing conditions.

AS also produces marine generators and cranes for marine applications.

The Hydropack naval propulsion system is its flagship, in its standard and diesel-electrical versions, for the reduction of consumptions and gas emissions.


The reliability and power of an unrivaled brand.


AS Labruna is the official distributor of FPT Industrial (development of the brand IVECO AIFO – 1965, later changed into IVECO MOTORS – 2004), a company specialised in the design, production and sale of marine engines for recreational and professional applications with the types of engines S, NEF and CURSOR, with a power range between 63 and 607 kW.

On the basis of more than a century of expertise in the field of high power diesel engines and maritime operations, FPT Industrial offers a wide range of products characterised by high quality, unique characteristics and ample versatile application – which guarantee the maximum in terms of performances and efficiencies also in the most difficult sailing conditions.


Experience and professional support for the sea sectors.

More than forty years experience in the nautical sector, the development of highly skilled professional figures and high quality components, compelled AS to produce its own line of marine diesel engines: H Series.

Characterised by the optimal management of the injection, low consumptions, excellent supply of power and high torque, at low revolutions associated to long maintenance intervals, these engines represent a solid and performing solution, ideal for professional use, both as propulsion engines and auxiliary engines or electrogen groups.

FNM Marine Diesel Engine

High performance and respect for the environment.

FNM Marine designs, develops and builds marine diesel inboard engines. AS Labruna has chosen the company’s professionalism, becoming the sole distributor in Italy for these engines characterised by an extraordinary performance, care for consumptions and state-of-the-art technology:  a true Italian excellence.

FNM has been motorizing boats with safe and efficient engines for more than thirty years. The results achieved by the company in the marine sector are the result of a constant research, where the expertise of specialised engineers, induced FNM to create powerful and sustainable solutions, which comply with the emission standards and keep consumptions low.


A new naval integrated propulsion system.

HYDROPACK is an innovative integrated propulsion system which operates, through the hydrostatic transmission powered by diesel engines, the propulsion of the craft, the activation of fishing gears (windlasses, cranes, deck-wash pumps, bow thrusters, etc.), and the production of electric energy.

The engines used by HYDROPACK are efficient, technologically innovative and able to function at the best efficiency point (60-70% of the maximum number of revolutions) at constant speed, obtaining this way the optimal management of fuel injection and its 50% reduction compared with the traditional system; low emissions of Particolate and NOX; reduction of exhaust emissions; noise and vibration abatement; minimum operating and maintenance costs; optimal safety and life expectancy of the engine.